Office of Peace, Justice and Creation Stewardship

The Diocesan Office of Peace, Justice and Creation Stewardship is under the auspices of Catholic Charities and aims to implement the diocesan goal for Social Justice and Outreach:  “to commit ourselves to take clear and public stands on identified social justice issues resulting in the support and encouragement of the people of God to reach out to others in need.”

The office has promoted lay leadership through Gospel-based educational programs on the importance of Catholic social teaching in the ministry of the Church; provides updates on issues of concern, such as domestic violence, poverty, racism, welfare to work, predatory lending, death penalty repeal, disaster relief, nuclear disarmament, global warming, world debt, uranium mining on Native American lands, drought and water issues. Raising awareness of social justice, peacemaking and creation stewardship as integral to Gospel living, the office has collaborated and participated in legislative advocacy on critical concerns with parishes, deaneries, other churches, faith-based and similar-purpose groups and organizations on local, state, national and international levels.