Talbot House 
Chinle, Arizona

Talbot House Catholic Charities serves people living in the heart of the Navajo Reservation. The primary service is outpatient treatment for alcoholics and their families, provided through 12-step groups at the center and at other outreach centers throughout the Navajo Reservation. Programs include use of auricular acupuncture to decrease cravings for alcohol and reduce relapses and hosts 12-step programs six days a week and a family night one evening a week.

Talbot House provides individual, group, marital and family counseling, especially for those families who suffer from the effects of alcoholism, including spousal and child domestic violence. abuse. In conjunction with other churches and agencies, Talbot House provides a weekend shelter for victims of abuse.

Talbot House is a leading force in substance abuse prevention services. At the request of the schools, we provide 12-step and education classes focusing on self-worth as substance abuse prevention to high risk students. Talbot House also offers summer activities for school aged children through “Summer Smarts,” a specialized program for high risk students who do not go to summer school.

Emergency services provided to persons who live in Apache and Navajo counties include utilities assistance, shelter, rent, food and clothing. During the winter, many families suffer the loss of their homes as a result of fires. Talbot House is there to help emotionally and spiritually, as well as materially.

We also participate with other organizations to promote wellness to Navajo of all ages, creating a “Walk to win,” a path that can be used by individuals and groups to offset and prevent stress and diseases.

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